Biodiversity, Systematics, and Biogeography (BioGeoSys) lab

Our lab group works towards understanding the many fine-scale biological processes associated with the formation and maintenance of biodiversity. The main areas of our research are Systematics, Biogeography/Phylogeography and Ecology.

Research Focus


The existence and maintenance of a varied range of different organisms in a particular place at a particular time.


How different groups of organisms are evolutionarily related to each other.

Biogeography & Phylogeography

How organisms are distributed on a spatial and temporal scale and how this influences the patterns of their speciation.

Lab Bulletin

Onwards & Upwards!

On 30th June 2021, two of our very first M.Sc. project students, Himesh and Shagun, gave their final M.Sc. thesis presentations. It was a wonderful journey alongside them in the lab, teaching and learning at both ends. Himesh’s work on the evolution of host-parasite relationships between geckos and mites resulted in very interesting finds. A…

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8-legged Adventures!

Our youngest member, Ayush, is working on the Araneid fauna of the institute’s 298 acre campus. The NISER campus features a multitude of habitats, and an even bigger collection of spiders that inhabit them. From the humongous Banyan trees to the leaf litter below our feet, spiders occupy them all. His work will provide us…

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An outing to Barunei Hills

On the 14th of March, 2020, our team went out for a casual field trip to the nearby hills of Barunei, Jatni, just next to our institute. Little did we know we would encounter a novel behavioral phenomenon in anurans. In a temporary pool of water inside a rocky cave, on top of the stunted…

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Additional photographs by: Nilanjan Mukherjee, Ishan Agarwal and David Raju